pull earth from space
     "What is the sense and significance of life on Earth, and human life in particular?" 

          G.I. Gurdjieff






'...and from then on there gradually arose in me that "something" which has brought the whole of me to the unshakeable conviction that, apart from the vanities of life, there exists a "something else" which must be the aim and ideal of every more or less thinking man, and that it is only this something else which may make a man really happy and give him real values, instead of the illusory "goods" with which in ordinary life he is always and in everything full.'

excerpt from Meetings With Remarkable Men  G.I. Gurdjieff





The moment we wake up it begins. The rush through lives. We meet the modern world’s momentum with every tick of the clock – into the shower, on the highway, off to work. Images and soundbites bombard us …billboards, television, newspapers …seeding doubt and worry. War abroad, local violence, familial discord, problems in the office, a friend suffering from depression. Our minds are either five steps ahead – imagining what we’ll do and say, planning for the next hour, for tomorrow …or running over yesterday … consumed by memories and regrets. And at the end of the busy day, before the routine begins anew, there’s a slight sense of never having been. The questions come:

  • What do I do all this for?

  • What is this strange sense I have, the sense that I do not truly inhabit my life?

  • What would it mean to not always be focused on the future or on the past?

  • Is there a key to understanding the discord in my life, the discord around me?


The Gurdjieff Foundation of Alabama (Red Mountain Study Group) invites inquiries from men and women, no matter what their beliefs, who are still searching for meaning in their lives now and here. Our Work is based on the teaching of G.I Gurdjieff .